David Mascott Country School Newsletter – October 2023

From: The Head, S KOKAI

To: Parents/Guardians

Victoria Falls Trip: 
The Victoria Falls trip is on, and learners will be touring Matopos and sleeping in Bulawayo on the first day. The second day will take learners to Hwange National Park, Hwange Thermal Power Station, and Victoria Falls, where boat cruising, a bridge tour, a rainforest tour, and other activities await them. Parents are urged to make payment arrangements for the learners by November 20th.

Merit badges: 
The school is appealing for donations to help recognize learners’ performances on assembly days. The school thanks Mrs Mhazo for her kind donation of USD$20.00 towards the cause. However, this still falls short, as the school needs 70 merit badges, which cost $4.00 each. Parents are encouraged to support this cause and donate whatever they can.

Uniform name tags: 
The school has noticed that learners are constantly losing or misplacing their uniforms, especially during swimming sessions. Parents are strongly urged to put name tags on their learners’ uniforms. This will make it easier to identify the uniforms when they are taken to the Lost and Found room.

Visual and Performing Arts Project: 
The school’s Visual and Performing Arts department is working on various projects, including one with Norton’s own Arts singer Sarungano. The school wishes the department resounding success as they carry out their projects.
School attire: Parents are asked to ensure that their learners have complete school uniforms. This includes neck ties (available at Enbee and other retail outlets), hats (available at the school offices), neat, ironed uniforms, and polished shoes. The school has noticed that some learners come to school with un-ironed uniforms, and phone calls will soon be made to the parents of these learners.

Combined Speech and Prize Giving Day and Graduation Day:
The school will host its annual Speech and Prize Giving Day on Saturday, November 25th. Parents are asked to mark this day on their calendars and come and witness the learners’ progress and performance. It is also a day where the ECDs will be graduating.

School Development Projects: The school continues to make headway on projects to make it the leading Day and Boarding School in the province. On October 27th, the school will host an Open Day. Parents and guardians are invited to bring their friends and enroll them with the school for the 2024 school calendar and onwards. Parents can come and see other developments spearheaded by the School Development Committee and the school.

End of year exams: End of year exams are coming up soon. Parents are encouraged to help their learners prepare for the exams by creating a study schedule, providing a quiet place to study, and encouraging them to take breaks.

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